The simple act of actually seeing the beauty around us can stop the whirlwind in our heads. Even a moment of being right here right now can be enough.

We donate a minimum of 25% of all proceeds from the Butterfly House and Underwater café to mental Health Initiatives (especially for youth). We invite anyone with a program that could benefit from these proceeds to email .

The rest supports the Shark and Ray Rescue Centres efforts.

Hi. Ive been working with Sharks and Rays for the past 23 years. They are my passion and my joy. Its hard not to love ‘em. 

Why Butterflies?

Not only are butterflies beautiful and cool but they changed how I live my life. Through my 20s and 30s I suffered from Depression and high levels of anxiety.

My life was spent inside my head, anxious about the past and the future and feeling like I would never get out of this horrible cycle. This was over a very long period and I didn’t think it would end.

Then one day (and I remember it clearly) I was in a Brisbane park near my flat and I watched this butterfly. A little yellow one just flitting around near me and I watched it for what seemed ages. And I realised that for just that time I wasn’t worrying about anything just watching this little dude going about his business instead of thinking about my problems (some of which weren’t even problems yet)

Now this experience didn’t turn me into a zen master. But I started to change what I did when I was walking to that park, I would start looking for butterflies and just stop and watch. From there it went to birds, beetles and flowers -lets call them buds to keep the “b”theme going. The 4b’s.

From this simple small change I really started to live in the moment and look around me. And it changed my life.

All thanks to the humble little flutterby.

Tinny’s Butterfly House and Underwater Café is my way of giving back to some of the organisations that helped me get through those tough times (it wasn’t just the 4 b’s) and also a chance to get the word out that mental health is a major issue and can affect anybody, at anytime. 

So please enjoy our little experience, and hopefully you can not only appreciate the cool critters flying or swimming over you, but can slow down and appreciate the moment whilst your here.

All the very best and look after each other.


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